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IStream interface file reading

  • HI, i've recently fall in this problem: I have an IStream interface that read a file as a stream. For read the stream i can use IStream::Read. The problem is that it need a as a parameter the number of bytes to read. the problem is that i'dont now how many bytes pass to the function since each time the file size change, other that i don't know how how many bytes to allocate for the buffer to store the file content.

    STATSTG pstatstg;
    m_pStream->Stat(&pstatstg, STATFLAG_DEFAULT);

    const int size(pstatstg.cbSize.LowPart);

    ULONG pcbRead;
    BYTE pBuffer[10000] ; //How many bytes to allocate??

    m_pStream->Read(pBuffer,9999, &pcbRead); //How many bytes to read? this should be equal to pBuffer size...


    I've tried to use pstatstg.cbSize.LowPart that return the size of the file, but it give me an error cause size isn't costant and i can't use it to initialize the array(pBuffer)

    Thanks in advance!

  • BYTE* pBuffer = malloc(number_of_bytes);

    Don't forget to "free(pBuffer);" when you are done using it.

  • Really thanks for the reply! It worked but i have other problem now: i can't read completly a file of 3 Mb of size. Instead for other file less of 1 Mb, i can read it, but the importer dont reconize the contente. Instead if allocate "manually" a fixed number of bytes i.e 3084 the importer can read it also if the file is not complete...

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