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Comments - pick up the tags on the fly

  • Hi,
    I started to evaluate Qt Creator 5.1 for a C++ project but I am not still comfortable with it, I am coming from Visual Studio environment; the Qt Visual Studio add-in is working properly but in the designer it is not possible to use the context menu "go to slot", this is very annoying because I must write manually the signature of each slot (if the GUI is simple this is OK, but for a complex GUI it is a nightmare!). Then, I am trying to use directly Qt Creator but what I would ask is: is there a way to pick up the comments (by tags) on the fly like in Visual Studio while I am writing the code and show them in a tooltip?

    I know that there is this plug-in to manage the doxygen comments and it is working but this generates only HTML and LaTeX documents (this is not to pick up the tags while I am writing the code).

    The idea to use *.qch file is crazy I hope there is another solution.

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