Qt 5 Plugins for iOS & Android

  • Hi all,

    We here at "V-Play":http://v-play.net are currently preparing some Qt 5 plugins especially for the upcoming Qt mobile edition. Our main focus is on mobile services for iOS and Android, including:

    • Native in-app purchases for iOS App Store and Google Play
    • Integration of ad networks like AbMob or Chartboost
    • Social and gaming networks like Facebook or Game Center
    • Analytics like Flurry

    The really cool thing about these plugins is that you can use them right within your QML code, independently from the underlying platform, like we already provide it in our game engine. As an example, our "Store plugin":http://v-play.net/doc/plugins1-store.html" allows in-app purchases with one line of code:


    and thanks to property bindings updating an ad banner is as easy as:

    @ AdBanner {
    visible: !noadsGood.purchased

    If that sounds interesting "you can leave your e-mail address on our mailing list":http://plugins.v-play.net to get notified as soon as we have some more announcements on this (we won't use your address for any other purpose than contacting you about our Qt 5 plugins).

    The link to our mailing list is: http://plugins.v-play.net

    Feel free to ask your questions here. :)

    Alex from V-Play

  • Hi I liked the idea, I will test it like I can buy a package,
    I want to know it, i'm from Brazil (forgive me my english ...)
    But if it's easy for my country? or need an international card?

  • Sorry for the late answer and thanks for the feedback! Feel free to contact us at "help@v-play.net":mailto:help@v-play.net if there are still some questions, I would be happy to help!


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