Installing qextserialport on RPI under QT5

  • Hi,
    I have sucessfully compiled a QT5.0.1 project on my RPI which works fine and now wish to add a USB serial port. Under Windows this works fine. I have cloned qextserialport and installed the project as a shared library.
    Attaching a USB hub, lsusb shows all the device ID's as expected.
    The COM port I need is attached to ttyUSB0 as shown on boot up.
    The examples make and the uartassistant shows ttyUSBO as the only available port.
    Following the instructions I have added the line to my .pro file:
    CONFIG += extserialport // should this be qextserialport?

    In my code I have added

    #include "/<path>/src/qextserialport.h"


    QextSerialPort * port = new QextSerialPort()
    I have uncommented the line
    linux*:CONFIG += qesp_linux_udev
    However, after qmake, make returns the error message:
    cannot find -lQt5ExtSerialPort
    I do not know where the reference to theQt5ExtSerialPort is from? Can anyone help please?


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    Maybe simply consider updating to Qt 5.1 or 5.2? They both include QtSerialPort module by default: no need to install any external project to be able to work with USB port.

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