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Inactive QML ListViews consuming resources

  • I have an application which is performing a quite intensive task. It is generating an audio stream and it needs to perform at a minimum rate in order to keep up with the data stream requirements. I can detect when it is not keeping up.

    Particularly on Android, it can drop below this minimum rate if the user is not careful. (E.g. if the user triggers a command that modifies what is displayed in a Canvas view.)

    There are two ListViews on the screen. Neither is doing anything at all while the audio stream is being generated. If these ListViews are made invisible, then it is noticeable that it is much easier for the audio stream to keep up. So these ListViews are consuming resources just by being visible.

    What can these inactive ListViews be doing that would use a noticeable amount of resources?

    (Using QT5.2 RC1)

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