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  • Hi everyone,

    On Android and iOS there is a possibility to retrieve media files ( one through queries, the other through an API given by Apple ). Do you know if there is this same possibility with Qt ?
    I'm not looking for a general file explorer but more for a media picker where you can ask for Videos/Images/Audio etc..

    I've been looking to QtMultimedia, but nothing seems to do the trick. The only thing that seemed to come close to it was DocumentGalleryModel that used to be in QtMobility but that is no more available.

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    AFAIK there's not such a feature yet. You could check the "bug report system": to see whether such it has already been asked and if not create a new feature request.

    Giving an example code for both platform if you have could help get it in faster.

    Linking the feature request here would also be a good idea

  • I did look for it on the bug report system and did not find anything.
    So here is the feature request

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