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Please help me to understand style sheets

  • Hi
    In QDesigner I have a main form containing 1 widget.
    I am able to set the style sheet so that it has a border image -
    border-image: url(:/TestStackedWidget/EMU Index Background.png);
    This works and I get a border image displayed

    But I want this widget to be one of my custom widgets so I promote it via designer

    When the program is run the border image is not displayed and I do not understand why

    I have tried setting the style sheet programtically -
    @>setStyleSheet("{border-image: url(:/TestStackedWidget/Background.png)};");
    @>setStyleSheet("MyWidget#page {border-image: url(:/TestStackedWidget/Background.png)};");
    but to no avail

    I would be grateful if someone could explain what is going on


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