No Java source code in the project structure

  • Started creating projects with QT creator, i could not see any java code files or manifest files in the project structure. Some article refers to a class named Qtactivity which is the starting point of the application

    Where can we find that ? Manifest file also missing in the project structure ..!!!

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    Did you select any of the "Android for Arm kit" during project creation ?

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    Projects -> Android for armeabi* -> Run

    Click the "Details" near to the "Deploy Configurations". Then press "Create AndroidManifest.xml" . The file will be created for you.

    For the Java source code , I would suggest to try to deploy your project on an Android device. Then you will find those file in the build directory. In case you need a custom version , just copy to your project folder . It will be bundled on next deployment.

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