Creator and "intellisense"/autocomplete in QML?

  • I cannot help but ask about the state of the state of integration of QML in Creator. I mean there is almost no "intellisense" at all, even for built in elements and functions, much less for user C++ QML elements.

    Maybe Creator 3 will make some progress in this area? And yes, I am aware that in JS "intelligent" IDE features are not always possible due to its dynamic nature in contrast to a statically compiled language like C++, but still, it would be nice to see at least support for "known" types.

    Like not having autocomplete is not bad enough in our lazy modern age, but it shows tons of errors for code that actually works. Maybe there is a way to at least disable the squiggly underlines for errors that are not errors? It's a pain in the eyes.

  • I installed the Creator 3 beta today and it would seem that there is a lot of improvement in that area.

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    Yeap, somebody is working on that issue. Looks like you found out yourself already though:-)

  • @Tobias: Does this refer to standard intellisense?
    I was used to type "paintEvent" and Creator came with the QPaintEvent * argument.
    Version 3 comes with a ) only.
    I am using Createor 2.8.84 (3.0.0-rc1) under Windows 7.

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    andreas2060: I have not yet used QML in earnest yet:-/ So I really do not know myself.

    I was told that this is greatly improved though.

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