Forum that works "onload" only, pretty annoying

  • Hey guys, I have no idea why few gravatars are not loading in Firefox and Ubuntu 13.10 but basically I've spent dunno how long to write a post reply and the moment I've clicked the "button" link <a id="forum_reply_button" href="#">Post reply</a> it brought me to the top of the page with the pointless empty anchor and a completely disorienting experience without posting a thing, since it's a broken link and not a real button.

    Long story short: you make your forum "quick replies" work only after the jQuery "ready" event has been fired via JavaScript which might be in some case an epic fail.

    The mentioned link is already inside a form so I would simply use same CSS and the <input type="submit"/> you are using in this page and drop completely that live click listener so that this won't ever be necessary at all:

    function forum_quick_reply(a) {

    Thanks for any further improvement/action on this, I am pretty sure you don't want users unable to help each other with a broken forum ;-)

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    you may want to create a "bugreport":
    Then you have definitely more chances to get heard and to get the problem fixed.

  • I don't think I have rights to create a new issue in there so … thanks, I hope somebody will notice this anyway. It's a very simple problem that might be very annoying in some case.

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    You just need to create an account for that

  • it would be cool to be able to use this account already

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