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Gantt Chart

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    I'm needing to put together a Gantt chart for a project like you can see in the image above, and I'm wondering if this is even doable with QtQuick. I downloaded it and have been messing with it, but am having trouble getting things aligned. Could anybody give me a basic layout to implement this? Or do I need to use the C++ tools only?

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    Perfectly doable in QML. Lay out the table using anchors, then position the Gantt blocks using absolute x and y coordinates (or alternatively, using topMargin and leftMargin).

  • Well it can't be absolute positioning since the program is going to read a file that will have an arbitrary number of processors and tasks, so I have to populate one or two models with information, and have the page dynamically generated. But if it's still possible I'll keep going at it.

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    Yes, it is. "absolute coords" in QML does not mean the whole scene: you give the positions relative to the parent.

    DO some test apps to get a feeling of how it works, it's really easy.

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