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Android native look-and-feel

  • Hello,

    from the posts for Qt 5.1 and Qt 5.2 it has been mentioned that there will be a native look-and-feel for android, like in:
    -> "In Qt 5.1, these controls are supported on all desktop operating systems providing native look-and-feel. In the coming months, we will introduce support for touch-based controls and mobile look-and-feel. "


    On the last link, it is especialy mentioned Qt 5.2 brings android native style.

    I tried the Qt 5.2 alpha, beta and the rc1 from 22 november with Qt Quick 2.0 and Quick Controls and also a QWidget based approach and all of them do work (a huge improvement since the alpha version :) ) but none do look native. Do i miss something? I did take a look at the qt quick controls example

    but as this was an example for Qt 5.1 i thought it would still be improved, as the example uses png files for the native look-and-feel.

    So my question is, is there still something coming for the final release of Qt 5.2 for native look-and-feel, did i have so set some variable or is that it?

    Thank you for answers!

  • I too am very much interested in knowing this. Will Qt 5.2 final have a native look-and-feel for Android and iOS Qt Quick Controls?

  • I too was having the same misunderstanding... then I realized som:thing:

    When you deploy your qt application on your android device, you must specify that you want to use Ministro to get the qt libs. If you do that, then in QStyleFactory you get the Android style available. If you deploy your application the "normal" way, the style is just not available.

    And then just

    QStyle * android=QStyleFactory::create("Android");

    and it's much better :)

    nb: of course take care not to overwrite it with some custom style/stylesheet later in your application

    I hope this helps

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