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QPaintEvent draw only on lift area in a widgte

  • Hallo everybody,

    I have a problem with my QPaintEvent and QWidget. I have a widget and i also have a subclass. I create an instance of my class like this: myClass = newClass(ui.mywidget). In this class i will draw some lines with the QPint event. I can see the lines, but only in the left upper area in the widget and not everywhere. So when i draw a line like this: painter.drawLine(10,10,300,300), i only see the lines till 100, 100.

    Can anybody help me??

  • It's not a good idea to draw on a widget which has sub-widgets on it.

    As they will be covered by sub widgets

  • 1+1=2 is right that it is not a good idea ;),

    but anyway can You place the Your paintEvent() implamentation?

    I guess that Your line is covered be other widgets which are painted in the "upper" layer :).

    with best regards,

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