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Very interesting Error QFile and QDir

  • Hi every body!

    I develop a application, and now that is running wrongly and I can't understand what is going on?

    the Problem is i explain step by step below:

    1-> Create new personel Data for database : Created Success
    2-> Save it to "C:/Program Files<x86>/AYT Enerji Beta2/DataBase/Product" : Saving Success ( I checked it )
    3->Load it fom "C:/Program Files<x86>/AYT Enerji Beta2/DataBase/Product" : Loading Success
    4->Delete DataBase Folder.
    5->I checked wether DataBase folder is exist. Deleting Success ( I checked )
    6->Start the application again and when load database, All data is loaded and I can see on my application
    7->on console screen I add a piece of code for watch where the application load data from path.
    8->on console screen i saw the "C:/Program Files<x86>/AYT Enerji Beta2/DataBase/Product" path.
    9-> DataBase Folder should be deleted
    10-> I checked again the Folder in explorer, DataBase Folder doesn't exist but Application load data from this folder and all data correctly and completely come back.

    how this can be even if i deleted the folder?

    Problem is still going on although i restarted my pc.


  • Hi,
    Did you do a system search to check if NO database exists at all?? Maybe the opening of QFile is at an other location?
    How does your QFile code look like?

  • Moderators

    are you sure that your "windows explorer" also "shows hidden dirs":http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/show-hidden-files#show-hidden-files=windows-7?

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