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A very strange behaviour with Mac 10.6 and Qt5.1.1

  • Yesterday I went to a customer to install a Qt 5.1.1 program on some Mac 10.6 machines.
    If I minimize the program to dock bar and then restore it, the program comes unusable. The main window appears like an image. If I try to maximize it the program appares like a stretch image.
    Another problem is: sometimes is impossible to click on a QCheckBox component. You have to retry many times.
    Switch between TabWidget tabs is difficoult too. The program sometimes switch between tabs yourself.

    The program was been compiled with a Mac 10.7 machine and works well in it.
    The pro file contains the row QMAKE_MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET= 10.6. Do you think it is necessary?

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    Mac 10.6 is in a semi-deprecated mode. You can't compile Qt 5 on it, but applications compiled for 10.7 should work on 10.6. You can report this as a bug in Jira, but it is not likely to get much attention.

    Maybe you can try with Qt 5.2 RC1? This could have been fixed already.

    Try adding -mmacosx-version-min=10.6 "compilation flag":

  • Ok. it' clear.
    Now I will wait the official Qt5.2 release hoping that it will fix my problems.
    The customer has many Mac 10.6 machines and is not possibile to upgrade them only for one program.


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    Currently (I can't comment for the future) you still can build on 10.6

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