How to receive updates from backend?

  • If I have multiple instances of the application and one of them somehow changes data in the backend, how can I receive this updates? I can not find neither methods to poll backend for updates manually nor options to configure it for automatic polling.

  • Hi, I was wondering the same thing. Here's a very very dirty hack that does just that:
    @ Timer {
    interval: 1000
    running: true
    repeat: true
    onTriggered: {
    enginioModel.query = {"": "" }; enginioModel.query = {"objectType": "objects.Ticket" } }

    This updates the whole list every second and as an addition the list view blinks as the model is changed (not updated). I couldn't find a prettier solution for now. For it I would need changes to the enginiomodel and for a perfect solution you would need a backend with some logic to send the updates.

  • Yes, currently the only option is to do polling. You can set query to the none object instead of the JSON above, but for now that's the way to go.
    In the future we will have notifications, but for the first release (Qt 5.2 including Enginio is around the corner) we focused on getting a stable base.

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