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Selection of VS2008 Standard or VS2012 Express to best start with Qt 4.8.5 or Qt 5.1

  • Some advice on how best to venture into installing and becoming acquainted with Qt on Win32 and Win64 builds would greatly be appreciated:

    1. I have a licensed copy of VS2008 Standard and a copy of VS2012 Express. As to my current understanding, Qt 5.1 requires a later version of VS than VS2008; is that true and if so, why will VS2008 Standard not suffice?
    2. If VS2008 Standard will not work with Qt 5.1 sources, how must I tweak the installation of VS2012 Express so as to fully enable compilation and debugging of Win32 and Win64 executables?
    3. Do the advantages of Qt 5.1 over Qt 4.8.5 justify the efforts involved with the installation and tweaking of VS2012 Express?

    Thanks to anyone patient enough to come by!

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    It is possible to use VS 2008 with Qt 5.1, but it will involve compiling the Qt library yourself from scratch. Not a worthwhile endeavour IMHO, since VS 2008 does not support many optimizations and features of Qt that are achieved through C++11.

    No tweaking required. Just install MSVC 2012 Express, download and install the MSVC 2012-based libraries from , and code away.

    Again, no tweaking required. So I'd say yes :)

    Note A: I'd recommend using Qt Creator as your the IDE, and only using MSVC 2012's compiler. Visual Studio Express does not support plugins, so it's not possible to integrate Qt into Visual Studio (IntelliSense, documentation, etc).

    Note B: Two compile both 32-bit and 64-bit applications, you'll need to install both 32-bit and 64-bit libraries.

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