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Custom Layout

  • The main window of my app has three possible views. I'll call them A, B and C. Usually only one of these views is being used and filling the client area at any given time. However, the user has the option of splitting the views. Fortunately, we have set rules that A will always split to the right and C will always split below B and the views will only be shown/hidden, not created/destroyed. I started working on a custom layout derived from QLayout, but now wonder if I'm just making more work for myself and if I should just do this all manually and forgo QLayout. Or am I missing the boat here entirely?

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    I doubt that a custom layout is needed.

    To use "split" mode, transfer the views to either a QGridLayout, or a layout-within-a-layout (Add B & C to a QVBoxLayout, then add this layout & A into a QHBoxLayout)

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