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[SOLVED] Adding a Resource (.png file) to an existing Tab Widget

  • Hi,

    I wonder whether you could help with the following.
    I have imported a resource image into QtDesigner in the form of a ".png" file.
    I am able to load this image as the icon of a Tool Button. However I don't want to use this resource as an icon but rather as a Logo, which should simply appear on a Tab Widget or even on the Main page containing the Tab Widget.

    I have not found any information on how to do this apart from this link: (which is the one that talks about the icon image).

    could someone please help with this simple task?

    Many Thanks

  • Using Designer, put a QLabel widget where ever you want the .png to appear. Then change the label's "pixmap" property to be the resource.

  • It works, thanks

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