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QXmlSchema not always working

  • I just downloaded MS Project 2010 SDK and there is an XSD-file named mspdi_pj14.xsd which I cannot get loaded into QXmlSchema for verification. All my RAM is suddenly eaten!

    This file is used to verify MS Project XML-formats so it should be rather important, and I have verified this file by other means. My implementation is copied from the example given in the Qt documentation, and I get the example-xsd-files supported by Qt to work properly.

    I am using Qt 2010.04 which should be rather recent.

  • There is a bug with schema validation for schemas that contains the "xsd:all" container type.

    See "here": to get more details (and/or to follow the progress of the bug).

  • Thank you, that is a releif, it seems that I have stumbled across the same bug.

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