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Qt Drawing functions for a C# developer

  • Hi,
    I am more experienced with C#/Microsoft .NET with GDI+ drawing functions, but I wanted to perform the same tasks with Qt. Is it possible to have the same drawing functionality as .NET along with a smooth refresh.

    Since I am not great at C++, I am still grasping the concepts of the Qt library structure.

  • Moderators

    For drawing in Qt, you may take a look at:

    • QPainter
    • QGraphicsView
    • QOpenGl* (or older QGLWidget)
    • QtQuick
    • Qt3D (this is still not ready, but will be included in Qt 5.3)

  • Thanks for the fast reply,
    Although I'm not great at c++, these libraries look useful enough to replicate the GDI+ drawing functions. At the moment, I will be focussing on 2D drawing rather than 3D.

    I guess Qt is OK to learn, but it has taken a long learning process from the world of Microsoft .NET and visual studio

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    You'll have to unlearn a lot of rubbish, to be sure :P You can have a look at "this book": it explains the basics very well (even though it's very outdated by now). Then, reading the documentation should be enough to extent your knowlnedge, as it's in general very well-written.

    Happy coding!

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