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Custom QListView

  • Hi,

    I would like to implement "this kind of interface":
    Each item in the list view would have 3 QString and 1 button that would emit a different signal (based on his device id)

    I am looking for the easiest and most robust way to do this in QT.
    I was thinking of a QListView instead of a QTableView because the information is better presented in a QListView. Is this kind of setup possible ? Is there some example that resemble this one? I haven't found much online. I have experience in QTableView but not much in QListView. I don't even know how to show 3 strings next to each other like on the picture using a QStandardItemModel item

    Thank you!

    code so far :
    @ model_hr = new QStandardItemModel(this);
    QStandardItem *item;
    item = new QStandardItem();
    item->setData( "Device", Qt::DisplayRole );
    item->setEditable( false );
    model_hr->appendRow( item );@

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    You should have a look at the QStyledItemDelegate to start. There is e.g. the star delegate example in the documentation that shows how to make a completely custom delegate.

    Hope it helps

  • Hi SGaist thanks for your message,

    I understand the example but not sure it would be possible to have a button on each row with a different signal attached to it, I would have to have a slot that receive maybe int that represent the row in the model?
    @SLOT(clicked(int)) @
    so I know which one was clicked, or make the button name different when I add them to the grid but after in the slot i'm not sure I can retrieve the button name

    @connect(button_row1, SIGNAL(clicked(), this, SLOT(clicked())
    connect(button_row2, SIGNAL(clicked(), this, SLOT(clicked())

    void clicked() {
    if (event comes from row1)
    qDebug() << "row1"
    else if (event comes from row2)
    qDebug() << "row2"


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    You could use QSignalMapper

  • Thanks i'll experiment a bit and post the code when it's working ;)

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