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The approach to develop complex UI with Qt Quick

  • I need to develop a complex application with advanced interface.
    Final program must be able to construct its interface by using external modules.
    (ie user starts the program -> program loads modules -> program enlarges or changes interface and its functionality)

    I'm facing with QML and Qt Quick first time in my life, so I'm not sure if I'm moving right direction.

    For now I decided to create a C++ classes with common interface for loading it by interface constructor. Each class will settle inside of a certain dll and will have QML code(as string variable) for interface which is created specially for certain module.

    The main question for now is: how to compose a complex QML interface from different libraries to force it working supposed way?

    What is the best approach to develop a complex user interface with loadable from libraries parts of user interface?

    What is the best approach to develop this kind of apps?

    I would appreciate for any advice and documentation related to this topic.

  • I think you should try qtquick examples bundled with Qt 5.2 first, and then try "Qt MediaHub":

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