Problem with permissons after code update.

  • I have next code:

    @ void CEnginioStorage::requestTop(const QString& language, const QString& toLanguage, int top)
    QJsonObject topQuery;
    topQuery["objectType"] = QString("objects.Word");
    QJsonObject parameters;
    parameters["language"] = language;
    parameters["to"] = toLanguage;
    topQuery["query"] = parameters;
    QJsonObject sortParameter;
    sortParameter["sortBy"] = QString("rate");
    sortParameter["direction"] = QString("desc");
    QJsonArray sortArray;
    topQuery["sort"] = sortArray;
    topQuery["limit"] = top;
    EnginioReply* pReply = m_enginioClient.query(topQuery);
    connect(pReply, &EnginioReply::finished, [](EnginioReply* pReply)
    if (!pReply->isError()) {
    QJsonArray results = pReply->data()["results"].toArray();
    for (QJsonValue word : results)
    qDebug() << word.toObject()["rate"];
    } else {
    qDebug() << pReply->data();

    And I have next result:

    @QJsonObject({"errors": [{"message": "Access denied","reason": "Forbidden"}]})@

    I updated code from git. Before this code was work.
    I gave read privilege only for creators.

  • Please register a bug report ( with a minimal example reproducing the problem.

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