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Scientific application with Qt

  • I am new in Qt and I would like to create a scientific application. I would like to take a decision but I would like some advice.

    1. Should I use Qt Quick? The idea is to have several GUIs for example for embedded system and for Desktop but to use the same framework of C++ classes.

    2. I need to perform a lot of 3D rendering thus someone know a good game engine that can be combine with Qt?

    Best and thanks for any help

  • Qt Widgets are mature and is preferred by many developers
    QML is also good, but if you are building a scientific app
    then I would recommend Qt-Widgets

    OpenGL can render pretty complex 3D objects
    and is supported by QT

  • Hi

    1. Take a look at libQGLViewer ( It is not a game engine but a 3D-viewer-engine. For a scientific application it should be enough.

    2. Keep the applications logic apart from the gui. Then you can implement different versions of the gui. QtQuick is an option.

  • Thanks a lot I will really look on to this but it look like what I need.


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