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Memory leakage while painting QgraphicsItems

  • hi, I am displaying sequence of images on scene & every time i click next button new image has to display ( playing a video). when i click next button new image should display and on the image i have to display 100+ items(derived from QgraphicsItem), i am deleting all the item in previous frame properly and creating new items and adding to the scene for every new image. but i encounter memory leakage during this process, memory increase around 500kb for every new frame .

    i notice another thing that when i am in same frame and if i tries to zoom the image(zoomIn/zoomOut) memory increases same as above (as the items on scene redraw themselves by calling paint ?? ).

    can anyone tell me what might be the reason for this memory leak.

    thanks in advance :-)

  • hello,
    can any one reply me regarding above problem please.

  • it is difficult to pin point the problem, with the info you have provided

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