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Android - Basic Steps, Deploy calculator on device

  • Hello,

    i downloaded the beta version of the android windows version (windows 7). Furthermore i installed Java 7 JDK, installed android sdk (Android SDK Tools 22.3, platform-tools 19, build tools 18.1, platform, samples, armeabiv7a system image, x86system image, mips systems image google apis : all version 16).
    I open the calculator example project and deploy it in a virtual device: works fine (compiled for armV7), then i want to deploy to my tablet (running android 4.1.1) but while deploying the following error occurs:
    Invalid json file: C:/Qt/Qt5.2.0/5.2.0-beta1/mingw48_32/examples/quick/demos/build-calqlatr-Android_for_armeabi_v7a_GCC_4_8_Qt_5_2_0-Release/

    Then i tested a Qt GUI application, just containing a push button, while compiling for armv7 i get the error:
    :-1: Error:No rule to make target '............\Users\username\Downloads\android-ndk-r9-windows-x86_64\android-ndk-r9\sources\cxx-stl\gnu-libstdc++\4.8\libs\armeabi-v7a\include\bits\cpu_defines.h', needed by 'main.obj'. Stop.

    I think something is misconfigured. Would be nice if someone could hint me where the problem is.

    Thank you!


  • Hi,

    Try to clean project before you build and deploy it on your tablet. If it doesn't help you could look at file, there is configuration of Android SDK, NDK, target version and so on. Hope it helps to find out what is wrong with configuration.

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