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How to start with a touchscreen device programming in QT

  • how to check weather their are available touchscreen drivers for the device support for Qt.

    enum QTouchEvent::DeviceType :- is this value need to be set by programer or directly set from kernel

    Qt::TouchPointStates :- how are these states taking input?

    how can we handle QEvent for touch?

  • At the moment the best way of creating GUIs is using the QtQuick system.
    There are a lot of reason for using QtQuick, but concerning your question, with QtQuick the handling of touchscreen is very straitghforward and easy !!

    Take a look of this starting guide:

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    Gianluca this is not what OP is asking about. Both QtWidgets and QtQuick work with touch screens, but tarunb is more or less asking how to detect the presence of a touch device.

  • Yes, ok ... but I suppose that the final purpose of detecting a touch device is to enable the using of touches gestures and/or multitouch event, etc.

    But with QtQuick all this checking are superflous because:

    • in the scenario where your app does not need a multi-touch handling and/or touch gesture, you can simply use "MouseArea" that works automatically for mouse clicks and for touches (depend on the capabilities of the device) - So, you don't need to check if the device can accept touches or not, QtQuick does it for you
    • in the scenario where your app need multi-touch handling and/or touch gesture, then you add a "MultiPointTouchArea" to use in combination with "MouseArea" and in this case, the "MultiPointTouchArea" will works when touches are possible and allow to handle gestures and multi-touches event when the device allow that - Again, you don't need to explicity check if the device can accept multi-touches or not, QtQuick does it for you

    That's my long answer. Maybe now is more clear my point :-)

  • Hello -

    I have a question. If we are using QtQuick 2.0 + Qt 5 on Wayland in a tablet, should we expect the application to "just work"? Is it possible that the Qt 5 on Wayland may not hook up to the touch screen correctly?

    Thank You,


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