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If the advantages of knowing your neighbor have been lost on you, look at this

  • Make comprehending the benefits of knowing your neighbor a priority in your life. By doing so, you will reap the advantages of a happier, healthier life that is just a little less depressed. Source for this article:

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    Know other people to borrow food

    If you know your neighbor, you can borrow one egg when in the middle of the recipe. Every so often, you think you have an ingredient and have actually just run out. Make sure you know your neighbors so you can just ask to borrow an ingredient instead of going all the way to the shop.

    Get a quick sitter

    Whenever you get a <a href="">good neighbor</a>, you have more options for babysitting than you would have in the past. They can do anything you need for you. They can check your mail, get your paper, watch your house, and even watch your pets while you are gone.

    Get your mail for you

    With a great neighbor, you can have all these things taken care of. These are essential to check on when out of town.

    Benefits of knowing your neighbor No. 4 - Shoveling and mowing

    Younger people locally might be willing to look after the yard work and other jobs for older people locally for a small fee or for nothing at all.

    Take a look at the gossip

    While gossiping could be harmful, the majority of the time it is good, honest fun. Knowing the neighbor who has been around the longest means you know every little thing that's going on - if you are into pulling back the veil of privacy. On a more useful note, remaining close with neighbors may present you with networking opportunities you wouldn't otherwise have had.

    Never want to purchase tools

    If you are able to take care of the things you borrow and return them properly, you can borrow tools from your neighbors. This is easier than purchasing tools for a one-time job. Get it, and it will work out for you.

    Advantages of knowing your neighbor No. 7 - Party time

    You can get your friends all together and have a party. If you get to know your neighbors, that may be the best choice.

    Look into the pool

    During summer months, get to know a neighbor who has a pool. Rather than spending $15,000 or more on your own in-ground pool, spend cash for food and drinks and share a fine barbequing afternoon.

    The best provider

    Good word of mouth from somebody you trust has great value that Craigslist cannot duplicate. If you know your neighbor's tastes and standards, you can measure those against your own and make a fairly informed decision as to whether to hire a particular provider.

    Keep out criminals

    Keep away from issues with criminals by having a neighborhood watch. Everybody can watch each other’s backs.

    Neighbor for help

    Whether you've lost your career and food is scarce or you've just locked yourself out of the house, having a good neighbor can prove to be a fantastic boon.


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