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How to save raw data as .wav file

  • Hi folks,

    In my code I read an arbitrary .wav file, use filter operation on received data and analyze the signal.
    However at the end I would like to save processed data to a new .wav file.

    I've got raw data and sample rate - is there any build in set of Qt functions I can utilize in my project?
    Or should I just make a mirror class to my "read wav" one?
    (It was not wrote by me, but I can still understand it).

    On this forum I've found sth like this:

    But this is probably not what I am looking for.
    I just do not want to waste my time if there is a simpler approach.

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  • There are no direct qt functions to write to a '.wav' file
    you have to write as per standard WAV file format
    use the code in the referred post

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