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Symbian and Maemo simulator not found in the Qt creator!!

  • Hi,

    I have installed Nokia Qt SDK ,but the Symbian and Maemo simulator for debugging are not found in the Qt creator!!
    Only Desktop debug oprtion is available.
    How do I get these missing simulators and also where will i get the final binary file(sis) of the project..?



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    The simulator (note that there is no special simulator for Symbian/Maemo) becomes available as soon as you install the simulator components in (Nokia) Qt SDK.

    Creator packages up everything into a sis-file and copies it to your device for you when hitting the run button while having the Symbian target active. If you are using Qt Creator 2.1RC (and thus the Qt SDK 1.1TP and not the Nokia Qt SDK 1.0.x), then you can adapt the deploy configuration in the Run Settings tab in Project mode to remove the "copy to device" step if you do not want that.

  • After building a project where do i get sis files(i mean in which folder/loaction) for installing it in the device.

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