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Property binding problem in newer version of QTs

  • Hi,
    I don't know where to start! But last year when Qt5 alpha wasn't released we have started a big project with Qt. In which was a combination of QML with Qt widgets. After Qt 5 alpha released, its qml scene has seduced us to move to this version. along with release of newer versions of Qt, we upgraded our project until now that is Qt 5.1.
    We have just finished coding of QML objects before release of QT5. Now in Qt 5.1.1 when i came back to test qml which is more than 30000 lines of code i got embarrassing bugs. I've resolved some of them but one of them that i can't figure it out is the property bindings. In my project there is some widgets that use property binding feature a lot. Now some of property bindings are not working correctly. Is anything added or missed related to property bindings in new version of QT 5 or even between QT4.8 and QT5?! I can't put a sample code since the codes are complicated.
    Thanks a lot

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    Can you make a test case showing the property binding problem ?

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