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QtCreator 3.0 - Cannot change Device/OS version of iOS Simulator

  • I have installed Qt 5.2.0 beta with QtCreator 3.0 and have successfully deployed some simple applications to an iOS device (1st Gen iPad, iOS 5.x) via QtCreator. I'm trying to run the same applications in the iOS simulator, but it seems I have no choice of the simulated device in which the application is deployed. I can build and deploy to the iOS Simulator (using the built-in deployment method "Deploy to iOS" and run configuration "Run on Ios Simulator"), but it always defaults to the 4-inch iPhone Retina (iOS 7). I'd like to be able to run these applications on simulated iPad hardware as well.

    If I run qmake and build/run the generated .xcodeproj file in Xcode, I'm able to control the type/OS of the deployment device used by iOS Simulator. Is there a way to do this through QtCreator?

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