"Creator" permission on users type

  • It is possible to add default object permission for "users" object type, settings special acces rules for the "creator".
    But this does not work, I suppose because users object type does not have any creator property.

    I expected the new users created with this rule set to have permission set to their user.
    I mean i want full permission for the user itself on its user data object. I.E. any user should be able to modify its email but not the one of other guys.

    What do you think ?

  • Good catch!

    Problem arises in use-case where end-user registers to application by himself. I.e. there is created new user object, but its creator reference is left empty, because there isn't yet any logged in user.

    We will most likely fix it so, that when new user object is created without a logged in user, creator property in new user object will be set to point to user object itself.

    Then you can use "creator" in default object permissions to give to each user needed permissions.

  • Excellent, keep me informed when you do the change.

    Do you prefer I post a bug report for this ?
    I don't know if this kind of bug is managed in the same way through qt-project...


  • You can throw bug report to https://bugreports.qt-project.org

    However, we will track the issue internally too.

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