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Qt 5.2 beta 1 - iOS - What features are not working yet ?

  • Dear,
    I don't know where to search for the features that should work and the know bugs and issues for the beta 1 that will be fixed in the 5.2.0 final release.
    So, I'm asking here if there is a list of working and not working things in the beta 1 for iOS because I found at least two not working things and I don't know if I should file a bug or not.
    That's my list of not working things on iOS:

    • the macro for deploying folder created by the Qt Quick 2 wizard app does not work for iOS (the path are wrongs)
    • the Qt Quick 2 does not work due the static plugins issue (this it is a known bug)
    • TextInput of Qt Quick 2 does not work; the software keyboard panel will not shown when the TextInput is touched
    • QAudioInput/QAudioOutput does not work; No Device Availables are reported debugging; So, it seems that all Multimedia module regarding Audio does not works
    • Proximity Sensors does not work; (my iPhone 4 has a proximity sensor, I'm sure)

    Should I file a bug for each of the point above ?? What is the policy for reporting a bug ??

  • The first three will most likely be fixed for the final Qt 5.2.0 release. Not sure what the state of multimedia is on iOS, so can't comment on that. AFAIK noone is working on proximity sensors in iOS, so it's probably not going to be in Qt 5.2.0...

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