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Qt built in release mode still gives Assertions and Exceptions - Linux

  • Hi,

    we've installed Qt 4.8.5 on a RH4 32Bit Linux machine in release mode (using -release option in configure).
    and added the -no-exceptions to configure command line arguments, and even added -D QT_NO_EXCEPTIONS to the configure command line.

    but still, in run time we get exceptions, for example on a slot that doesnt exist from a connect command.
    and assertions (which causes the application to crash) when accessing a QList in a negative index.
    this kind of assertions/exceptions don't appear in the windows version of our application when running in release mode.
    did we forget something in the configuration of Qt install?
    in the .pro of my application i have:
    CONFIG += release

    Asher Ungar

  • Moderators

    AFAIK this is by design. Qt does not throw exceptions, so instead it crashes on assertions (like in your example with QList). I've never seen this as anything unusual. Then again, I'm using Qt mostly on Linux :)

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