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[SOLVED] emit crashes on QGraphicsView

  • i've added a signal in a QGraphicsView deriven class. when i call "emit" i get crashes.
    can't resolve it :(

    EDITED: (code added)

    @class editor: public QGraphicsView

    editor(QWidget *parent);

    void rectSizeChanged(int w, int h);

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    That should work. Perhaps moc info has not been updated? Please clean your project, run qmake and rebuild it.

  • tried that hundred times, not works :(

    it should be added that i get that crash in cpp code

    emit rectSizeChanged(100, 100); //POWW

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    Weird. Perhaps you are running a threaded application? Maybe the signal is sent to some thread with a DirectCall instead of a Qt::QueuedConnection?

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    To add to sierdzio, are you sure it's not on the receiver's end that the crash happens (thinking of a direct connection) ?

  • @SGalst: yeah ;)

    @slerdzlo: you were right. actually that "emit" was called within a function which was controlled from another friend class of "QGraphicsItem". i didn't care about the thready work of QGraphicsView and the scenes inside it.

    so i moved signals into the graphics item class and added a getter function to the graphics view which returns a pointer to that graphics item. now, main widget will get signals directly from the graphics item.

    thank you very much.

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