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Project Helper Needed !!!

  • Hello everyone. I am building an open-source solution for school and I need someone to build it statically for some reasons:

    • I tried to build a static version of QT 5.1.1 and failed several times. Much time wasted.

    • My computation power is very poor, I think I need more time on deploying.

    -I am an upper-secondary school student, who is amateur and lack of spare time to explore deeply.
    Programming is hard for a young self-taught developer like me, especially in my country. I have to study more techniques while I make this, learn to optimize the code,....and cope with schooling. I can make it, but it takes time optimizing.

    If you want to give me a hand, please send me an e-mail to mant.htelvity at outlook_dot_com.

    Thank you for reading.

    Nguyen Tien Manh

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