Qt Creator 3.0 beta - can't connect to BlackBerry Z10

  • Hello,
    I tried to follow "this guide":http://qt-project.org/wiki/Qt-Creator-with-BlackBerry-10#a0403ce28dca05ac390d4e4aac12352c to develop for BB10 using Qt Creator instead of Eclipse in disguise from RIM.
    I have a problem trying to add my device: I go to Devices -> Add -> BlackBerry Device and the dialog that opens says "No device has been auto-detected". So I try to manually select it using the default IP (which is the same I see in Momentics IDE from RIM),, I enter the device password (the thing I use to turn developer mode on in the device, right?) and click next. The wizard instantly says "couldn't connect to the device, check that developer mode is on"...

    I don't know what to do... By the way, using Qt Creator 2.8.1 I was able to add the device but it doesn't connect: the Connection log says "Error connecting to device: java could not be found in the environment.".
    Now, I had the Java SDK installed and the JAVA_HOME environment variable set (in fact I can deploy apps to my Android tablet), so what can it be?

  • Had to install the Java RE...I thought the executables in the %JAVA SDK PATH%/bin were the same as those in the JRE??!

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