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Customizing the look and feel of a ModernStyle Wizard

  • I have created a QWizard application and have been able to get it to work as needed, but now I need to enhance it. Without using a stylesheet I have the Banner::Pixmap being displayed on each page just like I need it. If you look at the ModernStyle wizard layout, I see three panels. The first being the banner, the middle being the where things are displayed and the third being where the buttons are. I need to change the color of the third panel. I also need to change the look and feel of the buttons. Changing the color and position, need them to be touching each other. How do I go about making these enhancements? If it makes any difference this is a Windows application.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    AFAIK, you can't really customize QWizard's look and feel (but I'd be happy to be proven wrong). It does it's own styling under the hood.

    You could, however, take the code from QWizard and modify it to make your special wizard

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