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Color dialog for QGuiApplication (Qt 5.1) [SOLVED]

  • Hello,

    I'm coding a simple (in terms of UI) application for OpenGL rendering using QGuiApplication/QWindow. Human interaction is exclusively via keyboard and mouse (i.e. no UI elements). The problem is to open a color picker/dialog when a specific key is pressed (and of course receive a QColor). Previously, using QWidgets, I would simply use QColorDialog:

    QColor color = QColorDialog::getColor();

    If there's a similar one-line approach for QWindow apps, then stop reading and please let me know what this is.

    I'm aware of a similar QtQuick color dialog, but I'm unfamiliar with QtQuick and QML. Assuming that I use the QML code provided "here": is there a simple way (i.e. few lines of code) to use this in my application? Google and the qt documentation doesn't give me a straight answer here I'm afraid.

    Furthermore, using the QML code for the simple color dialog, I get the following error: unknown component (M300) at ColorDialog, line 4. I'm not sure what or where I need to include something to get rid of this.

    SOLVED: after some reading, it turns out QQuickView can be used to run the QML application within my c++ app. It's a bit more code than the previous QWidget solution, since the colour needs to be fetched from the quit signal in the colour dialog app, but not too complicated either.

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