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  • Hello there,

    I am trying to use QFuture and QtConcurrent classes in my application. I # included <QFuture> like this:


    but when i compiled, got a compilation error. I could not event # include QtConcurrent.

    Do I need to include something else in my .pro file to use both of these?


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    It should work. Did you use some special custom configure flags (if you have compiled Qt yourself)?

  • No nothing of that sort. Yeah, its strange. I am using Qt version 4.7.3 on QtCreator.

    I just want to try something like

    @void myclass::fun()

    void myclass::init()
    QFuture<void> future = QtConcurrent::run(fun);

    therefore i want to include QFuture which documentation says should be found in @QtCore@ . Even after including QFuture, I am getting compilation error. QtConcurrent is not even getting included.

    Please let me know if there is some issue with this.

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    I've never used that class. Here is what stackoverflow has to say on this: "link":

    #include <QFuture>
    #include <QtConcurrent/QtConcurrentRun>

  • Thanks for putting a search but doesn't work for me. Can you please try creating a hello world app and use these?

  • [quote author="raj.qtdev" date="1382959691"]Thanks for putting a search but doesn't work for me. [/quote]

    What exactly didn't work for you ? The compiler don't find the QFuture header or other linker error ? What sierdzio said is correct, so you should be fine including QFuture in that way. From what I see you try to run a class member function, in this case you need something like this:
    QFuture<void> future = QtConcurrent::run(this, &myclass::run)

  • That is okay @cincirin. The compiler didn't find the QFuture header and the QtConcurrent header that is the main issue. Should be simple thing but don't know what is missing apart from #including the two headers

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    Perhaps you forgot to include this in your .pro file, but that is unlikely:
    QT += core

    Since you have posted it in Mobile and Embedded, let me ask you this: even though you have not compiled Qt yourself, maybe you are aware of some special conditions your platform may be forcing? Maybe threading support is somehow throttled on that hardware?

  • Ok, I simply included the two files in this way:
    #include <QFuture>
    #include <QtConcurrentRun>

    The project is successfully compiled even with Qt 4.5.3 on both Mac and Windows.

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