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Not getting started with 5.2 beta on Android

  • Can anyone point me to what is missing for me to get started? I do the following (on a Ubuntu machine):

    • Install

    • Install latest ADK, NDK

    • Create a new AVD for Nexus One device with all defaults.

    • Add this AVD.

    • Set up like so:

    • Create a new project of type "QT Quick 2 App (Qt Quick Controls)" called "Test"

    • Select target "Android for amreabi-v7a"

    • With no modifications to the small template app created, press the run button.

    • Select the AVD as the device.

    ...wait while device boots, loads the app and tries to start it.

    Result: A black screen with a popup saying "Unfortunately Test has stopped"

    • Next step: Cry for help on Forum...

  • I don't know what is missing, but the above screenshot shows a warning about missing Qt version...

  • Eh, yes, for MIPS processors... I really don't think that has a lot to do with the problem.

  • Try connecting a real device to your linux, and run the app directly on the real device.
    I found the simulators really buggy. And I saw many times my app never working on the simulator, while it works perfectly on the real devices.

  • Thank you Gianluca. You are correct. Stupid me for thinking it should work :-D

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