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My Code Crashes with Mouse Movement

  • Hi

    I am currently facing a very strange situation. I have a code that calculates Spectra based on the images a camera records. Its all working fine. I have no issues there. I have a lot of Push buttons for different features.

    My issue is, when the spectra is running in real-time. if I move my mouse towards the toolbar or the menu bars or some of the push buttons, It crashes unexpectedly.

    I have no Idea why.

    Can you please help?


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    [quote author="alok9871" date="1382694042"]
    I have no Idea why.

    Can you please help?
    By the amount of info you provided i conclude: there is something wrong in your code... That's all of help i can give you.

  • Thanks Raven.

    I agree that the first thing I should have done was to post code. But I seriously don't know which part of the code is responsible for it. But if it helps I can post it.

    My program is working if I don't move my mouse at all. I thought I am triggering some event when I move my mouse.

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    posting the stack trace of the crash may help a lot spotting the place where to look for failures. But it also may possible that they are misleading in case of memory corruption.

    But post the stack-trace first and the related part of code.

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