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QT Creator and Suse 10.

  • As a newbi im trying to figure out what version of QT Creator I should install under Suse 10.

    Is there maybe a version chart list that goes back to Suse 10

    Thanks for any help

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    Install the newest one. If it does not work (ABI clashes), compile it on your own (again, the newest version).

  • Thanks for the reply. I will try your suggestion starting with the newest version.

    However, I have to ask, - we currently have quite a few applications that were developed under Suse 10 with QT Creator for that version back then. Would it make a difference running/compiling those programs with the newest QT Creator version .

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    No. Qt Creator is "just" an IDE, and has little to do with the way your compiler and OS run the code.

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