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Qt 5.2 Release for Windows

  • Will Qt 5.2 be released with one windows installation binary or 7 separate ones for android, msvc++ and minGW as in the 5.2 beta? It would be much preferable to see all 7 combined into one like in the Qt 5.1.1 windows release.

    In addition, will any of the iOS functionality be in the Qt 5.2 windows release?

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    Are you sure about that "one installation binary"? ("link":

    You may be meaning the online installer: then the answer is yes, it will be included as an update there.

    As for iOS, currently there is no way to properly sign the package outside of Apple's Xcode. Qt Project is investigating, but it's not certain one can circumvent Apple's restrictions.

  • Thank you for your reply.

    Yes, I was referencing the Qt 5.2 beta 1 .exe files that are available for download.

    Please keep us informed of the iOS investigations, especially with regard to potential iOS simulators.

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    Please keep yourself informed, I have no interest in iOS :P I've just reported what I've heard on the Qt Developer Days in Berlin.

    You can get a nice stream of updates about Qt from development mailing list ("link": or by asking on IRC at qt-labs.

  • Will do. Thanks.

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