Bug in Qt Creator's "Add Existing Files" dialog?

  • I'm using a fresh install of Qt creator 2.8.1 (from revision c3ed746c24) on OSX 10.6.8

    I've created a new Qt GUI Application project and when I try to add existing files by right clicking on the project and selecting "Add Existing Files," I can't get it to work. The "OK" and "Cancel" buttons are non-functional. I click on them and nothing happens. I can browse through the filesystem just fine, so the program isn't frozen. However, I can't add files or close the "Add Existing Files" dialog -- which means I can't do anything else without a force quit of Qt Creator.

    What's going on here? Is this a known issue? It's kind of debilitating.

    Thanks :)

  • has anybody else experienced this or know of a potential solution?

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    I just tried it and it worked fine. Is "OK" a typo ? You should have open

  • It may be "Open", I'm not in front of it at the moment.

    This also affects adding resources to resource files.

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