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Building QT 5.1.1 with Visual Studio 2013

  • Hey, we need to build QT with Visual Studio 2013 in order to get support for variadic templates for another project.

    I have it building but it will not run on windows 7, when the app tries to load the qwindows platform dll, the dll load fails with procedure not found.

    Using depends, it appears the missing procedures are all windows 8 specific procedures which may mean that I built QT incorrectly as I need it to work on windows 7. Is there some configure parameter I should have used in order to build a version of QT that will work on windows 7?

    I build with opengl desktop, but perhaps I need to build without ANGLE or something like that?

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    Your issue is not related to OpenGL-vs-ANGLE. You'll need to consult the MSVC 2013 documentation on how to configure the compiler to target older versions of Windows.

    Did you build Qt on Windows 8? If so, try building it on Windows 7 instead. It should then work on both Windows 7 and 8.

  • Yes, I was worried about that. This means getting into the QT build system and changing compile or link time options.

    I am building on windows 7, so that much is taken care of.

  • Any ideas where this type of thing may be set? Is there a windows sdk version #define that needs to be setup?

  • Where might I find the compile flags and link flags in the QT build system?

  • I found the appropriate qmakespec (msvc2013). I changed the _MSC_VER to be 1600 instead of 1800 and am attempting a full recompile of QT to see what happens.

  • The entry point is initializedHarfbuzzFace@QFontEngine

    in Qt5Guid.dll. It has nothing to do with any windows api.

  • Found it, it has nothing to do with the build or QT 5.1.1.
    It has to do with our project's post-build steps...

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