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[Solved] Qt .gif File doesnt load/show/display on another Computer (VC2010 Qt4.8.3/.5.1.1)

  • Hi; I have been struggling on this problem for the last 3 days.

    When I create a simple Application to show a .gif File (using QMovie/QLabel) in the Qt Creator everything works fine.
    When I try to run it on another computer including all *.dll etc. it also WORKS.

    When I debug *exactly * the same project with VC2010 ( I tried Qt.4.8.3 with my own compiled libraries)
    and I also tried from the Qt 5.1.1 provided libraries. When it runs on my machine it DOES work.

    When I try to run the .exe File on another Computer the .gif NEVER SHOW UPS.
    I tried several versions, even original Qt sample projects, because I thought I might did something wrong.
    but it still didnt work. Of course I did not forget to include the .gif File etc.
    And of course I included all *dll files otherwise the Application would not even start.

    MyMachine Qt Creator does load/show .gif File correctly
    OtherMachine Debugged files from Qt Creator are shown correctly.

    MyMachine VC2010 does load/show .gif File correctly
    OtherMachine Debugged files from VC2010 are NOT shown correctly.

    Anyone any Idea how to fix it?
    PS switching to Qt Creator is not a real option for me because I have never really used it.
    Moreover the compiling takes so much longer than with VC2010

    Please help

  • hmmm..... I found the failure.

    I installed Qt on my other machine under the exactly same path and
    surprise surprise, it was working. But actually I wasnt surprised.

    Afterwards I was deleting folders as long as it stopped working.


    YOU need that folder. So you gotta put only that folder inside your .exe Folder.

    If you try to put the content inside, it will not work.
    If you try to put the parent folder "plugins", it will not work either.

    so Cheers!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    "Here's": the guide you can follow when you want to deploy your application on another computer.

    Happy coding !

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