Unknown error while running

  • hi
    I am using Qt 5.1
    I am trying to upload data using the exact same way as mentioned in tutorials
    No data is getting uploaded and also it is not showing any error
    Can someone please help in recognising my error
    QJsonObject sale;
    sale.insert("objectType", QString("objects.sale"));
    sale.insert("firstname", QString("Mike"));
    sale.insert("lastname", QString("Johnson"));
    sale.insert("product", QString("electronics"));



  • Could you give a bit more of context? Do you wait for EnginioReply, returned from the create(), is the finished signal emitted?

  • i just received an email which said that Enginio developers were upgrading security to OAuth2 because of which create() was not working.
    So right now it is working fine.
    Yes now i am taking a EnginioReply returned from create.
    However, from what i know, finished signal is emitted by both EnginioReply* and EnginioClient*, so which one is to be considered?

  • I'm happy to hear that you solved the issue.

    As a side note:
    EnginioReply::finished signal is almost the same as EnginioClient::finished. The difference is that the last one is emitted for every reply, it is a catch all hook.

  • ok
    thank you

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